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Welcoming [Nov. 24th, 2012|11:06 pm]
This is the blog of Maya Mandala and of this Mandala Dance practice that came into world through her. Mandala Dance is the deep transforming practice for woman, the Temple dance which is created in accordance with Sacred Geometry. It connects us with Divine Feminine manifestation of the Universe, heals and balances body and soul.

Mandala Dance came as a revelation, before which Maya went through many years of practicing, healing, learning, dancing and teaching. 

In this blog you can find different interesting materials about Mandala dance, about different forms of practice, workshops, performances, and also biography of Maya. There will be some news coming from time to time and some links to the friends' materials.

Maya Mandala

So enjoy yourselves!

participant of Mandala Dance community, Maya's personal helper

[User Picture]From: znak_oma
2012-06-26 02:24 pm (UTC)
Thanks a lot!!!
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